3 Directional Questions for Success

Last week I shared some thoughts on how you can grow and improve your business this spring.  Following that this week I have been thinking about next steps.  Sometimes we know when we’re ready for next steps, other times we move to next steps way before we’re ready and sometimes we have no idea what the heck is going on.  If you feel like you’ve got so many plates in the air and are trying to align all things to make your 2014 spring a success, I thought we’d look at 3 questions this week that should be considered by anyone, whether you’re a single entrepreneur or you run a 100+ person company.

1: Is everyone in the organization clear on our overall direction? (Am I clear on where my business is headed?)

2: Is everyone clear on our highest present priorities?  (What are my priorities today, this week and this month?)

3: Does everyone see how their contribution fits into the big picture? (Am I making good contributions to the business?)

The power in these questions is that you’re not only considering what is being done but the impact of what is being done.  But more than that, it also helps you discover some of the things that are or aren’t working with your employees, or even with your customers.  For single entrepreneurs, when you consider these two things together you can choose to outsource some of the stuff that isn’t your biggest and best contribution to your business.  For businesses with employees, when people can’t see the big picture, when people don’t understand why what they’re doing matters today or in the long run, it becomes work instead of passion or pleasure and company culture can suffer greatly.

If you’re struggling or wondering why business isn’t growing and going like you want it to, these are just 3 of the questions you need to ask yourself.  Answering these 3 questions can immediately tell you why your business is headed in the direction it is and the things you need to start working on immediately.

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