A Fresh Future

There are several blogs I enjoy reading often, one of which is Seth Godin’s. It always interests me that some of the conclusions he shares are things I’ve been considering or resonate with things I believe about life and business. Lately he’s been commenting along the topic of leaving things in the past and rather than basing the future on the past, and creating a future all its own.

We spend a lot of time looking back, considering our mistakes and considering ways to improve life as it is. And I believe we’ve made some good improvements over the years and have some good things in the works. However it is interesting to consider that rather than improving the wheel we could be doing something entirely different and totally changing the course of history in a good way. It can be hard to imagine, but I’ve got a few ideas to get us started.

1-honesty. All new ideas must start on the premise of honesty because I know I don’t want anything but honesty in my future. I don’t want people who lie to save a few bucks, I don’t want people who deny their own value, I don’t want people trying to cheat others out of time, money or life.

2-I thrive because I know I matter. Last week I shared on my other blog about the serious lack of perceived and accepted value in ourselves. In many ways we’ve gotten past the underappreciated, overworked, scamy lifestyle of several years ago, but some people are still stuck believing they can get something for nothing. These people will stay stuck in their unhappiness (and spread it), and that’s not something that belongs in a new future.

3-we thrive because we know we all matter. In honesty, I can’t truly thrive if you don’t thrive. My success, my net worth, my accomplishments seem insignificant when there is so much suffering and inequality around the world.  I don’t believe we all need to be rich as kings, but I do believe we need to all take care of each other better.

This week, take the time in your business to be honest, see and express your value, and make sure others know they matter to you too.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Thomas Jefferson

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