Where Have All The Customers Gone?

I thought today we could answer a very important question you’ve probably asked before: where have my customers gone?  If that’s a question you’re struggling with, here are some of the top things to consider:

1-too complicated: maybe things have changed and you’ve got too many options for your old customers, maybe the options you have have too many add-ons and people just can’t wrap their minds around it.

2-too boring: just selling one item or service, while it makes other things simple, means that you have to be really good with that product or service in order to succeed.  Also, no matter how many products/services you have, if there’s no passion behind what you do fewer people will remember or be interested in you.

3-not welcoming: let’s face it: if you’re scary people tend to stay away.  When the place looks terrible, your website is ancient, your products are outdated, or your employees are grumpy, no one wants to buy from you.

4-no marketing: if people don’t know you exist, how can they buy from you?  Have a website, be on social media, connect with the community, and do your part to get the word out.

5-not able to purchase: I’m always amazed when I hear that people aren’t selling things, I check it out and there’s no clear way to buy from them, or it’s too complicated.  If people can’t easily make a purchase from you they typically will move on to someone else.

6-customer longevity: some businesses do go through cycles, or they only sell to people once, for example most people don’t buy a house every week but they do buy groceries weekly.  So for some businesses they only sell to people once.  That’s OK, but it means you really have to be on top of your game with numbers 1-5 or you’ll miss out on that crucial one-time business opportunity.

Sometimes there are simple answers, sometimes there are many answers, sometimes it was just simply time and that’s what you have to recognize. Not sure where your customers are and how to get them back?  Contact me and we can get you back on the right page starting today.

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