Social Smarts

Today is our third week in April’s discussion of health.  First we talked about physical fitness, then mental health, and today we’re talking about a very popular topic: social health.  Go anywhere and you’ll see the Facebook icon, an invitation to chat with someone or an invitation to bring 50 of your closest buddies out for a drink that weekend to see your favorite band. The undeniable fact that has finally been addressed with Social Media is that we are in fact social people.  We thrive on our interactions with others, and when we’re alone we’re just not the same.  Our relationships with others are truly gifts, and we’re so fortunate to be living in a time when it’s easier than ever to communicate or be social with just about anyone.

Is the answer to all our needs to have 5000 friends, 10,000 followers, a ton of subscribers or an email list that rivals the number of invitations to certain parties?  No, definitely not.  We each have different social needs.  Some of us do well with just 100 people we have in our circles, both close friends and simply acquaintances, others love having lots of people to connect with and learn from.  Finding the right balance is something we each must do, and we must be able to accept that we need what we need, and not what others need.

There are a couple of truths that are necessary to put forward, first that we all need some socializing in our lives, and second that we can learn to be better socially.  You may not think those are good things, but they really are.  It’s amazing what can happen when people come together with a purpose or goal like rebuilding a town, curing cancer or teaching skills to in-need mothers.  We’ve come up with lots of amazing ideas, inventions, solutions and fun when we’ve come together.

This week I encourage you to get out there and spend time with friends.  Make that coffee or beer date, take a walk, meet for dinner or just call a friend to check in.

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