Committed to the Course

What is a relationship? A relationship is an association between two or more people, right? You have a relationship with your boss, your team or with your clients, you have a relationship with your partner, you have a relationship with your family, and you have a relationship with your friends, just to name a few. These interactions are sometimes really positive, sometimes really challenging and sometimes they just are. Anytime you put multiple people together you’re bound to have some sparks. And this is really a good thing. Life wouldn’t be interesting if we were all exactly the same and everything always worked out like buying cookies from a good bakery does. There is always give and take in a relationship.

But what about those rough days? Those times when things just aren’t going right? My partner and I had a major communication failure the other day, something unusual for us even after being together for many years. Don’t get me wrong, we regularly challenge each other so it’s not a stale or lazy relationship and generally we do communicate well, but no one is perfect. The worst thing we could have done would have been to not try to resolve it there and then. Yes, sometimes it’s good to let things air for a day or two, but this was not one of them. If we had let it go things would have stewed and major damage could have been done to our relationship.

The challenge we all face in relationships is whether we’re in it for the long haul, in it just for us, in it until things get really bad or not really committed but there anyway.  Are we committed to the ups and downs that all relationships go through or are we only fair weather friends?  I choose to stay committed because my partner matters to me, my clients matter to me, my family matters to me.  Who are you committed to?

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” William Shakespeare

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