Going for More

I’m always amazed when I talk with business owners, employees, mothers, fathers, or even kids and quite early on in the conversation I discover a disconnect between who they are, what they do, what’s going on in their lives and how they feel.  You see there’s an epidemic going on in the world: untapped potential.  We sit around and waste lots of potential for many reasons.  Lets’ start with a few of those reasons before we get into where to go from here.

Why do we not fulfill our potential?  Fear, obstacles, old rules, dislike from others, too many responsibilities, in the wrong position, not given the encouragement to go for our dreams, not believing there is more, not believing others want to give more, not understanding that there is untapped potential, the list could go on and on.  The sad fact is there are way too many reasons why people aren’t fulfilling their potential.  Which is amazing in our world of advanced technologies and thinkers; that we could be so far ahead in some things yet live so untapped in others.

The issue begins when these reasons are thought up and then they’re not discussed and thrown out.  The lack of communication between the parties involved means that lots of potential gets passed by, and no, complaining to coworkers and family members isn’t the necessary communication I’m talking about here.  We have businesses with unhappy employees, relationships that fail and kids who are miserable because they’re not given the chance to spread their wings and contribute.  The real kicker in all this?  So many problems could be avoided if we would just take the time to tap into our potential.

Not sure it’s possible?  Look at Starbucks.  They’ve consistently managed to tap into many avenues of potential that many other businesses and even relationships don’t touch.  They’re invested in their employees, they empower their employees, they care about the product the produce, they get their customers involved, and are always thinking how they can make the world a better place.

If your business could tap into just a bit of that engagement and untapped potential can you see how successful you could be?  I know that it would make a world of difference in not just your business but your employee’s lives outside of work too (and your life too).  More doesn’t have to mean more work, it means the right work with the right people.  I encourage you to have a conversation this week with your team about what is and isn’t working and how you can really improve things so that everyone is more fulfilled and satisfied with the day to day actions and results.

“Many organizations today fail to tap into their potential. Why? Because the only reward they give their employees is a paycheck. The relationship between employer and employee never develops beyond that point.” John Maxwell

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