The Beginning of Your Business

On Monday we talked a bit about success.  Today I thought we’d talk about where success begins, after all each of us has a beginning; where we were before we got to this part of our journey.  For many of us that beginning inspired us and helped us get to where we are now.  There are lots of stories about people successful in sports because they used them as an escape as a kid and got so good that they could go pro.  There are lots of stories about people who have gone through really traumatic incidents and have created businesses to help others go through similar situations.  We all begin somewhere, some in really interesting places, while others of us don’t really have an interesting story to share.

The challenge we each face is what impact our beginning, and our past, has on where we are and where we’re going.  I started my business mostly because I couldn’t get a job when I graduated from college (the economy had just tanked), so I started a business.  That decision doesn’t have any bearing on what I chose to do however.  I chose to go into business consulting, organizing and coaching because those were passions for me, things I had experience and knowledge in and knew I could help people (while making money). If I really wanted my beginnings to have a role in what I did, I’d be blogging about the evil economy and how pointless it was to get a college degree and what you should do instead.  I can’t say I’d be very happy doing that.  So as much as I chose to start a business because I couldn’t get a job, the reason I’m in business is because of the impact I can make throughout the world doing what I love.

When the past becomes more important than the present or the future you’re in trouble. It means you’ve lost perspective, or gotten into business for the wrong reason.  When that happens it’s time to sit down and consider where you are and where you’re headed.  The longer you put it off the more frustrated you will get and worse your business will do.

“Everything worthwhile has an origin, but those origins aren’t the reason that they are worthwhile.” Seth Godin

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