A Touchdown for Moms

Last night I was watching a bit of the NFL draft on TV and was again struck by how many people are involved in the things that go on around each of us.   For a football team there are the people who build and maintain the stadium, there are people who coach the team, there are the different players with different roles out on the field each week, and there are fans who attend games, and read and watch everything they can on the sport.   If you’re not a football fan you’ll probably understand if I share about a supermarket.  For a supermarket to function there have to be people who make/grow the food, people who shelve the food, people who sell the food, people who buy the food and people who eat the food.  The point is that very little happens without other people being involved.  The draft, especially round/night one is especially exciting for the players who are chosen because it’s a public statement that someone else in the world thinks they’re valuable.

The people who get picked in the first round aren’t solely responsible for their success.  They’ve had many coaches and teammates who have supported them up to that moment and helped them develop their amazing talent.  The draft is really focused on the people who have the potential to become greats like Joe Namath, Michael Strahan, John Elway, Deion Sanders and many others.  But behind each and every one of those great players is a mother.  They each have someone who birthed and raised them, maybe several someones if they were blessed with an extended family or supportive neighborhood.  Last night was a special gift for each of the people who had a role in raising those men.  I’m sure that quite a few of those men made phone calls last night that started something like “I got picked Mom!”

It’s not easy to be a mother and go through all of the challenges that children today face.  We can’t do it alone, but neither should the mothers of the world be forgotten for their role in shaping our world.  With the extra responsibility mothers have it can be easy for us to pick out their mistakes and blame them for all that has gone wrong in the world, and there is lots of opportunity for improvement.  But just for today, just for this weekend, let’s take time to celebrate the moms who have made our world so special.    Wish a mother in your life Happy Mother’s Day.


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