Fixing Leadership Failures part 1

I’ve always said that leadership is one of the key aspects to the success or failure of a business. When the leader is good the business will succeed, when the leader is not leading well the business will struggle or fail. Today we’re going to talk about some of the failures leaders are struggling with, and next week we’ll talk about how we can resolve those issues and be better leaders.

Some of the most prevalent issues include:

Emotional issues


Setting the example

Distance from business


Emotions: when it comes to emotions some leaders aren’t willing to get emotionally involved in their businesses or employees, and others get too emotionally involved which can make decision making more complicated and less effective.

Vision/mission/conviction: if you don’t believe in your business and have goals for your business that are more than just monetary goals it is very difficult to encourage buy-in from both employees and customers.  Visions and missions that are in name or words only are equally damaging, and often encourage mockery of the business.

Setting the example: all too often employees feel like the leadership in the business have no clue what really goes on.  Unfortunately it’s true: some leaders are clueless.  When leaders stay in their corner offices all day they aren’t aware of what goes on each day to run the business and make it all work which can lead to high employee turnover and general unhappiness.

Distance: we’re all familiar with people who have to have their hands in everything, the control freaks, the busybodies, the micromanagers.  There’s a line between telling people what needs to be done and outlining each and every step that must be taken for that to be accomplished.  Other leaders are totally unaware of the havoc their employees raise in the business and the true health or lack thereof of the businesses culture.

Overachieving/Underachieving: it’s good for a leader to have goals, but to try to accomplish everything all at once isn’t possible, nor is it possible to get much done without having the right help.

What are your thoughts on some of the areas that leaders are failing in right now?


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