Communication in Your Relationship

I believe that one of the biggest reasons for successful relationships is the effort you put into it. No, not necessarily how much time you put into it or how perfect you each are or how many kids you have or how successful your jobs are or how much money you have, but the effort you put into your relationship. Sure all of those things and others are factors that contribute to the strength and health of your relationship, but effort can help you succeed even when other areas are struggling.  That effort is revealed in how well you’ve learned to communicate with each other, if you’re willing to meet each other’s needs, and having a regular date night. Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be looking at each of these and how we can better cultivate these important aspects in our relationships.

Today we’re starting with communication. I’ve shared about communication many times before. Why? Because it’s one of the most important aspects and so many people know this and yet they don’t do anything about learning how to be better communicators. No, you don’t necessarily have to take classes, but you do have to practice good, clear and concise communication with each other. This means knowing how often your partner would prefer to hear from you, not using shouting as an “effective” communication method, and learning how to be a good listener.

Making an effort to communicate clearly and efficiently with each other means that there will be fewer misunderstandings, fewer assumptions made and fewer issues to clear up; 3 things that can easily kill any romance. Yes, there will still be some miscommunications and crossed lines, we are busy people and sometimes we get scared and don’t share what or as much as we should. But if we’re making a more consistent and conscious effort to communicate with our partner these times will be fewer and farther between. We’ll also have fewer fights and healthier relationships with our kids, and our kids will learn how to be good communicators from our examples which will benefit them immensely.

How do you and your partner communicate, and what have you learned works for you and doesn’t work for you?


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