Doing Less to Do More

I’m a big believer in options.  I don’t encourage clients to focus on one thing and one thing only in their life or business or have only one product or service they offer.  Why?  Simply because it’s like having a job, you lose it and that’s it.  There’s no safety net, no options, no backup plan.  Balance may be a myth, but I don’t believe you can put your eggs all in one basket and expect that there will always be eggs there.  If you’re 100% focused on your business for an extended period of time  you can’t seriously expect to pick things up with family and friends as if nothing has changed when you finally leave the office.  It’s like expecting the seasons to not change just because you really enjoy summer.  So I always encourage that you find time for the other stuff in your life, as well as in your client’s and employee’s lives too.

But having too many options or responsibilities in your life also can cause big problems.  When you’ve got too much going on many areas begin to suffer.  When your employees can’t handle all the work you’re giving them their output, attitude and passion for your business will suffer.  We can only push at 110% for so long before there’s a train wreck.  So with that in mind, here are a few tips and action steps for you to take to find some of that mythical balance.

1-have an open door policy and be in regular contact.  No, I’m not suggesting you have super long meetings every week checking up on everyone, but I am recommending that your employees and clients know they can come to you when stuff is hitting the fan and they can’t do it all.  This isn’t an invitation for employees or clients to be lazy, but a reminder that the culture of the work as well as company recommendations will suffer when expectations or responsibilities are too high.  Working hard is good, overworked is bad.

2-take time off.  Have a solid policy in place for yourself and your employees and recommend your clients adopt one too.  I have set days in my schedule that I take off or only do work on my business and don’t see clients. Taking days off and establishing a semi-regular schedule each week helps you stay focused and sets up boundaries for employees and clients.  If you don’t care for yourself or about your business, why should they?

3-always know what matters most.  People are at the top of that list for me.  Money, possessions, fame, success, these all have to take a backseat to making sure that people are valued and taken care of.  Know what your priorities in life are and set up policies and procedures to make sure that the priorities are in order.

Having options but not letting yourself get overwhelmed in them is the first step to making your dreams a reality.  What step will you take today?


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