Summer Business Strategy

For many businesses summer is a slow time.  People are away spending money on businesses that aren’t as popular or populated during the other times of the year, although with the booming internet business, more businesses can do more consistently well all year long.  But today I thought I’d share a reminder of what you can do if the summer is your slow time, or for whenever your slow time is.

1-Evaluate your offerings. This is something you should do on a regular basis because you’ll lose sales if you’re not offering things people want, or you’re offerings are really outdated in presentation.  It’s important to not just check the stats on your sales, but to also talk with some customers, through a survey perhaps, and even to consider hiring a consultant to come in and evaluate what you offer and how you offer it because they may reveal something just looking at the numbers won’t.

2-Clean house.  We may not enjoy this but it’s really important.  Whether it’s a physical cleaning where you close the shop for a week and have an industrial cleaning company come in or a less visible one where you get rid of the products/services that aren’t really selling or don’t serve your business and clients anymore.  It’s important to do this because it makes room for what people do need, as well as presents a healthy and positive atmosphere for clients to shop in.

3-Learn.  Get educated in the down time!  Yes, learning more not just about your particular industry but about what’s popular and about how to better serve your customers is important.  When you stop learning you miss out on lots of potential ways you can serve your existing customers as things change in your industry, and you can always learn more about how to relate to people or the ways the latest technology can help you help your customers.  Don’t just get training for yourself, get your staff in there too.  They’re your front line of defense, if you will, so they need the training too.

4-Prepare for the next year.  Summer is a great time to plan for the fall and the year ahead.  You don’t have an excuse that you don’t have the time to strategize if you’re slow for the summer.

If you’ve got down time this summer, or even if you don’t and you just want to get ahead, I’m offering a special hour-long summer strategy session for $50.  We’ll talk about where you are and set you up for success for the next year and beyond.

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