Attracting an Audience

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things, including how I can better serve you (I’d love to hear your requests, you can post them in the comments below the post).  A lot of business owners I know and work with struggle with finding or speaking to clients.  As you know the statement has always been “build it and they will come” and the fact is that people will find you.  But you have to ask yourself if they’re the people you really want to find you, or if they’re just a big waste of your time and a headache or two besides.  If it happens that they are people who would benefit from and need your offerings do they understand what you’re offering, does it convince them to buy and can they easily buy?  Let’s talk about a couple aspects of these thoughts today, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and struggles too.

1-headaches: yes, you will meet people who think they’re interested in your offerings and end up being way more trouble than they’re worth.  If you work with select individuals it’s easier to weed these out frustrating cases out than if you serve a wide audience.  When people come to you and ask lots of questions it’s important to determine as quickly as possible if they’re just seeking clarification and reassurance or if they’re out to challenge you and what you know, believe and offer.

2-do they understand?:  this is one of the biggest reasons that I believe people ultimately don’t buy stuff: they don’t understand what you’re offering, it isn’t shared in language that speaks to them, or it isn’t clear why they should buy from you as opposed to the other many businesses that offer similar things.  This is one reason why it’s so important to have a couple people, including at least one completely impartial individual like a coach or consultant, look at any marketing/website work that you put out.  These other people will see things that you totally missed because you’re too close to your business.

3-getting the contract: is there a secret to making more sales than not?  Yes and no.  Part of it, as we’ve already discussed is making sure what you’re offering is clear and understandable, and you’re available to answer questions.  Another part of it is showing that you offer something unique, special or better than the other options.  Another part is the importance of offering different levels of service so that people don’t have to dive in with the big bucks right away.  Finally, when you do get people into conversation with you to buy your offerings asking the right questions to them to help them understand that you really can help them and truly care about their goals and life and it’s not just about the almighty dollar for you.

So this week I encourage you to get someone to give you an outside perspective on what you’re offering so you can start resolving the issue(s) of why people aren’t buying as much as you think they should be.


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