The Business of Action

There are many keys to being successful in business.  Depending on who you ask will depend on what type of answer you get, and the order in which they list the keys to success. The key we’re going to talk about today is action.  There are a couple of different types of action, and throughout the life of your business you’ll probably take all of them.

One kind of action is a reaction. This is when you’re constantly in scramble mode; that you’re trying to keep up with people, never really charting your own course or taking the steps that will get you to the goals you have.  Here it’s all about panic and taking actions based on the actions and influences of other people.

Another kind is initiative.  This one of the important kinds of actions.  This is the type of action you use after you’ve completed your business plan, after you’ve decided on a goal, and when you decide to pursue a client.  This is you intentionally taking actions that you think will bring you closer to your goal, or will change your course because you’re not heading in the direction you really wanted to go in.

The third we’ll talk about today is repetitive.  This is the one that boggles some people.  Social media is a great example of repetitive action.  You can’t market on your favorite social site for a few months and expect that there will be any positive long reaching results.  Most people can’t market for a small period of time and expect their efforts to last.  You have to keep taking action, often the same type of action, if you want to see the results.  If you’re only in it to be a one hit wonder, you can skip this type of action.  But if you want to have a lasting career you’ll have to keep taking action, often the same actions.

In closing today I want to share a thought about residual income.  For our purposes today this covers all types of passive income including types that make money for you while you sleep, income from books/movies years after they’re published etc.  The simple fact is that at some point in time action had to happen in order for that money to be coming in.  It doesn’t magically do it, you had to make the movie/book, set up the marketing funnel or create the connections that open the opportunities for money to come in when you’re not actively engaging in marketing/promoting activities.

What actions are you taking in your business?

“The Lord gave us two ends – one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most.” Ann Landers

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