Today is Important

I’m a big believer in the choice of living life in that day and time. I’ve found that living life panicking about the future or cursing the past really doesn’t do much good. It’s important to prepare for the future and do what we can to do things differently so we don’t repeat the past, but it’s really important to live for today. I do spend a lot of time talking about victories because I know they’re important to each of us to help us stay motivated and moving forward as well as encouraged that we’re making progress in our lives, but victories are made up of the little things in between the successes (and the failures), not just those big moments.

Our partners and our family members don’t just exist for the graduations, baby births and birthdays and anniversaries, they’re there in the in-between days too. I’ve learned that those in-between days can have a bigger impact on things than the victories can, because if those in-between days are filled with animosity or ignorance, congratulations on the victories can feel pretty empty and worthless.

So before you jump up and say that you’ve attended all the “important” events in someone’s life, remember that life is made up of a lot more than those “important” events. “Important” events make up a very small portion of the days we live. Those days in between may seem insignificant but they’re really what makes up the sum total of things, and often determines how we treat those in our lives. It’s not just about being there through thick and thin, but about enjoying the quiet moments and living them to the fullest.  What will you celebrate today?

“I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks, but for the ledger of our daily work.” Neil Armstrong

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