Free to Succeed?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what success is to me. Is it a lot of money? Is it helping people with their businesses? Is it being a writer? Do I even want to be successful? These are questions that each of us need to ask because otherwise one day we’ll arrive at a destination and be shocked or frustrated or wish desperately that we were somewhere else because unfortunately many of us don’t get to look back and feel satisfied. I’ve also been thinking about the things that hold us back from being successful. Unfortunately, the number one thing I’ve seen in countless business owners is themselves. Yes, that’s right they’re holding themselves back from success.

When they make the decision that they know all there is to know, a simple strategy won’t work, someone else can’t be right, they are doing the best they can be, or they can’t be wrong, they’re significantly decreasing their chance of true success.

I have been chatting with a consultant for about a week now about his interest in getting into online marketing and all it entails. In our conversations he shared about 2 business owners he’s really targeting right now and a question of how good their product/service really was and not really knowing the full quality of what they offer.   I was honest with him that if their product/service really isn’t that good, internet marketing (or any other kind of marketing) won’t fix the real problem. But like countless others they aren’t open to hearing that something needs to be fixed, they just want to move on to being successful as they are.

It reminded me of all the homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy we had in the Northeast a few years ago, as well as all the other houses and buildings that are damaged each year by storms or floods. When a home is flooded you can’t just move right back in, the damage has to be treated or mold will grow. You also can’t add another level onto a home that’s foundation has been damaged because it won’t withstand the added pressure.

I’m not suggesting you have to be perfect, I’m simply saying that if you’re blind to the issues that exist in your business there is no amount of advertising or marketing budget that would get you repeat customers, or after a time any customers. There is no magic Facebook button, social strategy, or marketing plan that can overcome poor food, nasty customer service, or ugly products. Those issues have to be fixed before a marketing plan can be applied to bring in customers and help you get to the success that is possible.

So I encourage you to take a good look at yourself and your business this week. Are you holding yourself back from success?


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