To Peace and Partnerships

In life we often ask ourselves what to do with our competition or the people that have become those we consider as enemies or those who are or could be a threat to us or those we love. Some people mount campaigns against them to try to beat them into submission, or destroy or defeat them.  This is what much of the world chooses to do: we see the evidence in the myriad of fights, wars and conflicts around the world today.

However, I believe there is a better way.  I believe that the only way we’ll really come to conclusions that will actually make the world a better place is by working together.

That doesn’t mean that some ideas aren’t good and some aren’t bad; they are.  There are things that we need to let go of and things we can all learn from. Only by making those decisions, making educated decisions about those things, can we find the strength and space to move to better things and become better people.

We don’t seem to be solving anything by fighting.  It’s like when you were a kid and you fought, wrestled and threw tantrums with your siblings or friends.  You didn’t really accomplish anything with that other than a lot of fun and some bruises.  It was when you worked together to build the block town, made that science project or worked on that special gift for a parent that you made real progress.  Yes, there is some sense to the fighting because it can establish hierarchy or comradery.  But when the fate of many parts of the world is at risk does it really make sense to establish hierarchy or work together to achieve progress?

This week consider someone that you’ve been at odds with for a long time and reach out with an olive branch or just touch base to see if you can work things out.  If things have been really hostile between you two in the past it may be a tough conversation but if you want to make true progress it won’t be easy.

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” Nelson Mandela

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