Lessons in Leadership

Last week was the Leadership Summit which is hosted each year by Willow Creek and the stage is shared by may big leaders in both business and church arenas.  Today I’ve got a few thoughts from the summit to share with you, I’ll expand on some of these in the future.  If you were able to attend or watch I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section as well.

“Great leadership is, by definition, relentlessly developmental.” Bill Hybels

“You want legacy leaders (in for the long-term) and not ladder-climbers. Legacy leaders are concerned about culture and making a difference–versus ladder-climbers who are driven by ambition.” Bill Hybels

“Our people don’t expect us to be perfect. They expect us to be human.” Patrick Lencioni

“People never become defensive about what you’re saying. They become defensive because of why they think you’re saying it.” Joseph Grenny

“The power of a group is a function of the purity of its motives.” Joseph Grenny

“Any time you find yourself stuck, there is always a crucial conversation not happening.”  Joseph Grenny

“Every leader knows that life is short. This is what gives us the urgency to lead people who don’t have that urgency.”  Louie Giglio

“Power is the potential or ability to move reality, to make something happen.”   Ivan Satyavrata

“Great leaders refuse to use their power to intimidate or manipulate or control. Rather they use their power to give and add value.” Ivan Satyavrata

“Leadership is about how much you are willing to learn, how much you are wiling to give, self-awareness, serving others.” Jeffrey Immelt

“We expect all our leaders (including me) to teach and train leadership to our employees at all levels. It not only benefits the students–but puts our leaders face-to-face with every level and this impacts our own leadership.” Jeffrey Immelt

“You want employees who are willing buck the system, question authority, and have a burning desire to change.” Jeffrey Immelt

“We don’t expect people to have perfect careers. We expect them to learn from their failures and get better.” Jeffrey Immelt

“The highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others.” Carly Fiorina

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