Don’t Miss Out on Money this Fall 2

Last week I shared the first two of 4 things you can evaluate to make sure that you aren’t missing out on money in your business, your website and your email/newsletter. Today we’ll take a look at 2 others and talk about going forward.

3-social media.  People use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest on a daily basis. They’re great places for business owners to connect with regular, occasional and potential clients, as well as ways for them to stay in touch and learn about us. But there’s a lot of talk about what you should and shouldn’t do, and we’re only going to touch the very tip of the iceberg today.  If you’re not sharing a relevant update at least every week, but preferably daily, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.  Make sure you’re sharing relevant content, the cute puppy videos and quotes are nice and all, but if they’re not relevant to your business your clients will just assume you’re a terrible marketer and that you don’t really know anything about them after all (and here they thought you cared!).

4-be human.  This is probably the hardest on the list as well as the most important.  Most of the others you can farm out (although I don’t always recommend it) but this one actually requires your participation.  I hinted at it with the last point when I shared that your customers think you care about them.  One of the things that’s quickly taking over in many industries are businesses who actually care about their customers. These businesses are finding success because they are addressing, meeting, appreciating and caring for their customer’s needs.  These are the businesses that are getting rave reviews on all the sites, are shared with friends and family far and wide and are consistently bringing in good money.  As I said last week Monday, people tend to know when all you see them as are dollar signs.  When they’re just another dollar to you, they’ll go somewhere else where they’ll actually feel respected and appreciated.

I leave you with the absolute truth: you can skip #1-3 but you can’t skip #4.  If you really make things that special for people, they’ll tell their friends and they’ll all be back because you were just that amazing.  It will take longer most likely because you’re not doing any outreach marketing, but it will get there.

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