Are You Proud of Your Business?

School is in session, people’s lives are returning to normal and business should be getting back into more normal schedules, even while it gears up for the holidays of the next few months.  Before we get into that rush I want to talk about something really important, kind of in response to what we’ve talked about the last two weeks.

Over the last two weeks I’ve shared about 4 things many businesses are struggling with or missing that is causing them to lose money: their website and their email list, and their social media and their customer service.  I read another couple of articles this week emphasizing how ridiculous it’s become for some businesses with customer service.  The bottom line in each article was that there is no way in today’s competitive and fast paced market that you can afford to lose customers because you’ve got bad customer service. It’s the simplest yet most important thing you can do to keep people coming back again and again and spread the word about your business.  But that’s a soap box for another day.

For many businesses the next 4 months are the months that put them into the black for the year.  If you just are breaking even or losing a bit throughout the rest of the year usually holiday and seasonal purchases can lift you over that line.  It can be tempting to just focus on making the sale and getting out of another crazy holiday season, but what if your performance and service in these next 4 months could totally change your success for the rest of the year?

It starts like this: when we get super busy we tend to let some of those little extras go.  We tend to slack just a tiny bit on our usual excellence.  We do just that little bit less than we usually do for our product or service because we think it necessary when trying to keep up with the demand.  When in fact we should be doing just that little bit more.  If we create the rave reviews now we’ll set ourselves up for success the rest of the year. No, we may never replicate or replace the extra sales of the last 4 months of the year, but we’ll have a lot less worry and pressure about money.

What it really comes down to is selling something all year long that you are consistently proud of.  If you’re not proud of it, if you’re past that proud mama/papa glow that new business owners get your customers can tell.  Often they’ll look for another similar business that does have that glow, just because it makes them feel that much better.  They feel welcome and know how excited you are that you can share a little bit of love with them.

“It’s not about working anymore, its about doing work I can be proud of.”  Paul Walker

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