The Start or Finish Line?

We’ve started a new month, so it seems appropriate to talk about starting things.  I don’t know about you but I know lots of people who start things, and even more who think about starting things.  However, neither of these gets people to the victory that is usually the goal of starting something.  Yes, there are some people who just love to think of ideas and not do anything with them necessarily, but most people like to think of ideas because they want to get the result that they think implementing the idea will bring.  Let’s talk about some of these concepts and what the real truth behind them is.

Ideas can make or break you.  Yes, most thing do start with an idea and if it’s a bad idea that means you’re starting out behind the line and not only have to bring the idea to fruition, but put some serious substance behind it so it has value to others.

But often it’s the implementation of the idea that makes or breaks you.  Ideas are great, but they’re only ideas, they aren’t results unless you get into action in regards to them.  It’s like the saying that unless you’re making money with your business you’ve only got a hobby.

So let’s say we’ve got a great idea, what next?  Next is the hard part for some people: deciding where to start.  Most people do not come up with the billion dollar idea on the first try, no, we start at the bottom and hopefully work our way up.  Some people are so overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that most ideas require to be successful these days that they paralyzed into not doing anything and that’s the end of the idea.  So if we’re accepting that most ideas will involve some failure and trial and error, all you have to do is pick something and get going!

But the ultimate telling factor is how you get over that finish line.  You’ve heard the saying “it’s not about how you start, but how you finish.” In business, like so many other areas of life what people often remember is how you finished things.  There will always be things you could have done differently or things you can change in the future, but if you’ve started and you’ve got something you’re proud of, you can choose to finish strong this week.


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