The Voice of Your Brand

I am tired.  I’ll just admit it for everyone.  It’s not a good thing going into this super busy season of the year.  I’m busier than I’ve ever been, happy to be helping more people but more people means more work, plus the needs of my partner, my family and my friends, means that there’s not a lot of time to just be or recharge each day.  You may be right there with me.  You may be tired from the stress of a new school year starting for your kids, or the stress of launching a new product or service in your business.  If you are it can greatly affect your ability to promote your business and create long-term relationships with clients.  When you’re tired you don’t present your business in the greatest light possible, or you may make mistakes that you wouldn’t usually make, and when you’re not on the top of your game neither will be your employees.  With this in mind there’s 3 things I want to touch on today to hopefully make the next 2 months better for all of us.

Marketing that attracts: last week I shared about some of the different types of marketing to help clear up some of the confusion.  This is an extension of that: your marketing either attracts your potential clients or repels them.  I visit dozens of websites on a daily basis, and at least 2 every day make me shudder.  It’s not about the type of business, it’s that they’re definitely not putting their best foot forward.  I may not need what you have to offer but if you’re really passionate about it (not in an overwhelming way but in a way that I can feel and catch your excitement), I may buy anyway.  You’ve attracted me through what you’re saying, your smile, your presentation and I can feel your love of the topic, and it makes me want to be part of that.

Be a champion for your brand: this is really the way that it’s supposed to be.  You’re supposed to be thrilled because you have the opportunity to do what you love most every day, it’s why you got into the business in the first place, right?  If you can’t say that you’re thrilled to sit in front of your computer or be at the business again today you’re not going to be a very good champion.  You’re not going to win people over or share the experience that made you want to do what you do, and your employees will be equally flat.  You want to be, and hire people who are, excited about what you offer and the difference you’re making in the world.

Take time to rest: I know, it’s not easy especially when there is so much to do.  but you can’ t be on top of your game if you’re not rested and have the energy to share passionately about your business.  You can’ t cheer on the field for every game if there isn’t a break in between games.  You can’t attract people if you show up looking like you haven’t showered in a week or just threw on whatever clothes you could find, or let your business be a mess.

So what about your business?  Does it attract people?  Are you excited about your business in such a way that people eagerly want to know more?  Do you take time to rest each day so that you are fresh to meet the opportunities and challenges that come your way?

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