I Dream of Christmas

One of the best things about kids is their intact imagination. As adults we tend to forget what it means to dream as we get wrapped up in the realities of our lives. Sure we can take a page from another person’s book and relive their (more interesting) life, but what if we were to take a page from our children’s lives and create a path all our own? I can remember as a child thinking of all the creative gifts I could give family and friends, now it’s all about what gift card, electronic item or equally simple something we can come up with. Where has all the creativity gone?

I get it, we’re all tired by the busy lives we lead, by the barrage of ads and lures of the internet, we have more going on in our lives and around us than ever before. It used to be fairly simple, just worrying about whether our crops would grow or when our children would get married or if we would get sick. Now we’ve got thousands of things demanding our time and attention, which makes it very hard to focus on anything but the simplest of solutions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about simple solutions; I can’t understand the people who think that things have to be complicated or done in as many steps as possible all the time. Why complicate what can be (and should be) very simple?

The holiday season is here, it’s a chance for us to be with friends and family, for us to dream about happy memories, of stories and tales on Santa and magical happenings, and to have a little more hope than usual that things will work out and work out well. I believe that if we unleashed our imaginations more than just in these 9 weeks between Halloween and the New Year that we’d be happier, healthier and freer people. We’d live lives of excitement, fulfillment and passion, if only we would be willing to dream a little dream again.

I encourage you to open up your mind and heart this weekend to the dream of what your life could be, imagine what the world could be just waiting to send your way in showers of blessings!

“I used my imagination to make the grass whatever color I wanted it to be.” Whoopi Goldberg

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