The Choices of Christmas

Today in response to a lot of the discussion that’s been had over the past few weeks, I thought we’d talk about 2 holiday topics that are a bit contentious at this time of year: time off and sales. Life is full of choices. Each choice we make is usually made to the exclusion of other options. If you choose a career like army engineer or nurse you know you’re going to have some challenging hours. If you choose to run your own business it’s hard to leave it at the door when you get home each night since you are your business. If you’re a K-12 teacher you have to work with kids. If you don’t like the requirements of your career, you’re probably not in the right career. However, if all the other options sound worse, you’ve chosen the best you can for right now.

As business owners we try to do the best we can to make our customers, employees, suppliers and everyone else we work with happy because it’s much easier to deal with happy people than mad ones. The way I see it, we’ve probably only got a few more years of in-store holiday madness on Thanksgiving/Black Friday because all of the deals are going online, so there isn’t a great advantage to going to a store when you can get the same deal online (unless you enjoy that sort of thing). However, if you are going to make your employees work certain holidays, make sure to compensate in other ways like financially or giving off other days.

But the bottom line really is that you have to accept the choices you’ve made. If you’ve chosen to be a business owner for all of the wrong reasons you will be miserable. If you’re working a job you don’t like because you’re too lazy to get a better one or do the work of a better one, you have to accept that. Life and success are what you make of them, what will your choice be this year?

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