Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah begins next week and with focusing on Christmas on my other blog I thought I’d share some Hanukkah inspirations here this week.


Glitter menorah card

Star of David paper ornament

DIY menorah

Hanukkah yarn ball wreath

Dreidel gift card holders

Hanukkah star and dreidel cards

Star punched paper hurricanes

Modern wood block menorah

Hanukkah scrapbook pages

Paper dreidel garland

Star of David craft

Hanukkah party favors

Dreidel gift box

Hanukkah mantle scarf

Invitation for Hanukkah gathering

Stripes and stars Hanukkah card

Layered star Hanukkah card


Chicken escarole soup

Honeyed carrots

Noodle kugel

Potato latkes

Potato and carrot latkes

Challah crowns

Whole wheat challah

Short ribs with root vegetables

Juki’s short ribs

Braised brisket with root vegetables

Roast chicken with wild rice dressing

Slow roasted salmon with sage and parsley pistou

Spiced apple pear sauce

Blueberry blintzes

Apricot gelt

Rugelach pinwheels

Glittered Sufganiyot

Chocolate marshmallow dreidels


How will you be celebrating Hanukkah?

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