The Real Goal of Resolutions

You may be sick of hearing things like “new year new you” and “resolutions.” I totally understand. I’m not really one to make resolutions, but I do like seeing the year as a fresh start for a year of new possibilities. We talk about the year like it’s really new, when it really isn’t. We’re just one more year, one more month, one more day into our personal journey. Starting from scratch isn’t technically possible, even when you’re in witness protection all of your memories, beliefs and hurts go with you, despite the fact that you’re a completely new person on paper. You can start a new job but you’re still left with the memories and lessons from the last one. You can enter a new relationship but you’ll never fully forget the person/people that you were with before.

If you’re struggling to make a resolution or simply make change in your life maybe it’s because you’re looking at it wrong. Turning over a new leaf, starting over, starting fresh, letting go, are about more than just a fresh start, they’re really about a better/different ending. The #1 reason people change is because they want a different ending to the story than what’s currently being written by their actions and choices. It’s not fun to start over or make change, but if that’s the choice vs ending up where you’re heading, a course correction probably looks pretty good.

As you look forward into this new year consider your personal hourglass sands of time: you can’t turn it over and get more time, you’ve only got whatever time is left. You can continue heading in the direction you’re going in or you can choose to take things in a different direction with a different end result. Change isn’t about the now, it’s about the end result.

“You cannot go back and make a new beginning, but today you can make a new ending.” Darren Hardy


One thought on “The Real Goal of Resolutions

  1. I really like the ideas you present here. I still like to see each new year as a new start. However, I’ve also learned that we can make a new start every day. And I completely agree that simply changing our mindset and course of action is the best way to succeed if it hasn’t happened at this point.

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