4 Questions for 2015

Today as we think about being prepared for the year ahead I want you to consider 4 questions:

What are your priorities?
This is the question we’re going to talk about a lot this year. Your priorities, your commitments, the ways you spend your time are big indications on what’s important to you. Take a look at your calendar and see where you’re spending all your time. Is it on TV, work, family, food? What’s apparently most important to you? Do you need to do some re-prioritizing this year to put your real priorities first?

What is one relationship that needs work?
We try to do too many things all at once, which ends up hurting our efforts and not getting us as far as we could if we took the time to focus on one thing at a time, and always the things that really matter the most to us.

What are you afraid of losing?
Often we hold back because we’re afraid. We worry about the consequences, what others will think of us, how others will react and what our actions will bring us that we don’t want. Life is about taking risks and we do lose things throughout our lives. Life isn’t a guaranteed opportunity to keep anything and everything you have, it’s like the ocean with ebbs and flows.

What are 3 things you can do this month (today even) to support your partner or family?
I divide things into a yearly perspective and further into a month perspective. It makes it easier to set up and accomplish my goals and dreams. It gets overwhelming when we try to do it all at once, when the reality is that very few things happen all at once (bomb explosions are one). Most things happen in stages, steps and a little at a time. Don’t start with something big (unless a grand gesture is what’s really necessary) start with the little things that they’ve been mentioning for a while.

Take time this weekend to consider these questions, talk them over with your partner and your family and get their thoughts too.


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