Prepared to Lead

This year we’ll continue to talk about leadership as an essential aspect of running our businesses, and as I think about this month’s theme of being prepared, there’s no better topic to talk about when it comes to our businesses than leadership because essentially that’s the job of a leader: to prepare their people and organization to get to the goal and beyond.  One of the things I love about being in business for myself and the type of work I do is that I get to help other people realize and unleash their potential. I get to see past the things that you’re focused on, frustrated by, limited with and see the bigger potential of who you are and what you can do in the world.  Whether I’m working with other leaders or their employees and team I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have room to grow and potential to meet.  The greatest challenges I face have to do with people who are unable to accept that they can be (are!) that awesome, or aren’t willing to do the work and make the necessary adjustments to fulfill that potential.

The thing that so many people don’t see as valuable or see as common place in this world of social media and self-help is one thing that helps to break that hold, cross that bridge or bridge that gap: inspiration.  As important as it is for a leader to take action and lead the people who follow them, the encouragement, inspiration and motivation needs to be there as well.  Why?  Because most people need an emotional connection to get on board.  For example if someone told you to donate to a random charity unless you are the type to give to any/all organizations you’re probably not going to give.  But when your close friend asks you to give to an AIDS charity in the name of their family member who just died of AIDS you’re a lot more willing to be part of that movement, because it’s personal for you.

So this week my leader friend you have 2 challenges: first to see the best in those around you rather than just the problems.  And second to inspire them to reach for that potential, that greatness that you know is just waiting to be unleashed in them.

“Your job is to see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves.” Robin Sharma

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