January Joy

Today’s topic may not be one that you associate with January.  For many January is a cold month that they stay indoors to avoid the snow, ice, and chill.  For others January is miserable because they’re dealing with December’s overspending (which is a topic for another time).  Today though I want to talk about adopting an important perspective for this month, and even the rest of the year: that life is filled with fun (you’ll notice that I didn’t stay that all of life was meant to be fun, some hard work is just hard and not so pleasant besides).

So let’s take a minute and really think about our options here: we probably could list a few things in our lives that don’t make us happy.  There will always be things that we can tack to that list.  But if we really think about what’s on that list many of the items there won’t bring us to a satisfying end.  Usually the hard work and challenges we face at work will reap good rewards for us, but the fights with our partner, issues with our kids, problems with our family, challenges with our health don’t lead to anything I’d want to reach.

So, the question begs to be answered, why do we allow them to persist as they do?  Why aren’t we focused on the good stuff in life and working towards the good stuff?  Honestly? I’m not really sure.

So I encourage you to make this day, this year the beginning of a life you actually enjoy.  You’ll always face challenges in life but what if the pros were to far outweigh the cons?  What if you started living to enjoy life not get rid of frustrations?  Will you join me in living a fulfilling life?

“Life’s short. Have fun.” Robin Sharma

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