The Power of People

Every week I try to share some keys to success on this blog, on my other blog, in my newsletters and on my social pages.  Success is something that everyone craves, we don’t all crave the same type of success and the exact parameters of success are different for each of us, but there are many principles of success that apply to a variety of situations.  One of those big keys is something that is also one of the greatest challenges and obstacles, if you will, to success: people.  Today I want to highlight 3 things that will help you with overcoming people as an obstacle to success and start seeing them as a blessing and opportunity.

Have a desire to help people.  I struggle with listing this first, but for many of us having this desire is a good way of breaking the ice and fear that surrounds us about other people.  If we truly have a desire to help other people we’re less likely to scam them, hurt them, or be the target of their rage.  I don’t suggest that you see people as something that needs to be fixed, but rather that we’re all imperfect people who always have room for improvement or are in need of the basic human needs (as presented by Maslow) for survival and hopefully thriving.

Learn to understand people.  Yes, there are some people you will never understand; sometimes that’s because they’re honestly crazy, other times because they are so ingrained in their patterns and preferences they aren’t willing to be open or try new things.  But there are some basic behaviors that can be seen in many people and can be used to make reasonable assumptions about similar people.  When you take the time to study a whole variety of people (coffee shops are some of my favorite places to study others), you learn a lot about how they operate, what they need and what makes them tick.

Be willing to honestly try to love people.  This is the most challenging for some, but for others it’s necessary to be the first step, not a desire to help.  Learning to set aside your differences and embrace each other as valuable, worthy-of-love human beings can help to overcome seeing customers as just numbers, loss or profit, a means to an end, a complication or an annoyance.  If you can’t get over your dislike of people, hatred of people, prejudices against people and learn to love them for who they are you’ll have a hard time desiring to help them or being successful.

People are the reason there’s money coming into your business, money doesn’t make sales, people do. What kind of attitude towards and relationship with people do you have?

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