A Waste of Potential

There are lots of time wasters out there in the world (a few popular apps and games come to mind), and we can certainly spend our time doing lots of things that will never really get us to any accomplishments that we really want. So today I want to remind you of a few ways you can ensure that you never will reach any potential you have.

-Don’t dream. Dreams are just pointless time wasters that kids do.
-Try to make everyone happy. This is a favorite of mine, after all, I’m so amazingly awesome that people can’t help but like me.
-Have an average standard. If I set my standards at the place that I’m sure just about everyone can reach I’ll never be disappointed.
-Don’t have goals. Goals are pointless because they take too much work to get to and someone else always manages to screw things up so I never get there.
-Don’t take risks. Risks are way too scary and almost never work out like we want them to.
-Judge people before you meet them. After all, they’re just going to disappoint me and every stereotype is always true.

Let’s face it, we’ve spent our lives trying to please everyone, live in ways that won’t rock the boat, be people that everyone likes and have nice safe families with 2.5 kids and have that corner office for our whole career. All that creates are more lemmings.

But I believe we’re full of untapped potential that most of us never take the time to unleash. Countless people around the world can tick off all of the items above. They’re living an empty, unfulfilling, chase-your-tail-stupid, pointless life. If you’re tired of walking like a zombie through your day to day life, I invite you to come along for the ride. This year we’ll be taking apart the mediocrity, embracing our uniqueness and unleashing our true potential on the world. Look out world, here we come!


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