Customer Conversions and Conversations

Last Wednesday I shared about the power of people. Today I want to take that conversation one step further and talk about the 4 things you can do to increase your sales and improve your customer satisfaction.

It starts with explanations. The devil really is in the details for many business owners who fail in this very first step. When things aren’t explained properly you aren’t able to get past the first step. Countless business transactions every day are lost because the first step was such a doozy that customers couldn’t get over it. Maybe you didn’t make it easy to buy, maybe you didn’t explain what you sell, maybe you were missing important details, and the customer got lost, and you lost the customer.

After you’ve done your best to explain things and the sale is in progress you take the time to ask them what else you can help them with, and what you can do better. Some people call this upselling, others just see it as adding more value to your customer. If your customers came in through an initial product/service offering they may not be aware of what else you offer that they’re also looking for. By asking what else you can do for them and indicating some of the other things they may be interested in based on their current purchase, you’re able to do your #1 goal: help more people. And if your query discovers they weren’t satisfied with their purchase you can find out what you can do to make the experience better for the next customer.

Then you involve your customers in the development of your company. You send out surveys, get feedback on products and services and find out what else you could help them with that lines up with your current offerings that they are looking for. The best way to keep your customers coming back are to offer (more) things that they want! If you know what they want because they specifically told you what they want and it’s in line with your company’s products/services and mission, look into developing it. If it doesn’t line up with your company look into doing a joint venture with another company so you can support their customers and they can support yours.

Finally make sure you take the time to appreciate your customers. People like to know that the choice they made is appreciated. It can be as simple as a note/email thanking them, and as valuable as a discount or free gift. Customers have thousands of choices for just about every need they have today, if they’ve chosen you make sure they know that you recognize this and appreciate them for choosing you.

Do these 4 steps with every customer and you’ll not only increase customer satisfaction, you’ll also have better conversions and retention.


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