Going For Genius

One of my favorite things about working as a life and business coach and consultant is the opportunity to meet thousands of interesting people, people who have no clue how much potential is just waiting inside them to be unleashed. Unfortunately, as just about any coach or consultant will tell you, there are people who are all talk and no action: these people are those who say they want to grow, want to fulfill their potential and just don’t back it up.

I can understand the hesitance, really I can. It’s a lot of work, takes time and definitely will push you in many ways you never wanted to be pushed. Life can have scary moments, and when you become greater you do take on more responsibilities, in addition to the increased opportunities you’ll have.

We can spend weeks on the negatives and the fears and what’s holding you back. And it is important to take time to seriously go through them because if you don’t it can, and probably will, trip you up again in the future. But that’s not the topic I want to address today, because there are too many people that get stuck going through the crap. Instead I want to focus on the potential.

We can focus all you want on the change aspect of things: how many times have you heard “you have to change to get what you want,” right?  When in fact what we should be focusing on is what we get by changing, by choosing to unleash our potential, by choosing to be all we can be, by choosing to live our purpose.  So don’t choose to change this week, choose to finally embrace all that you’ve hoped for and dreamed of.

“Why would you want your genius unleashed? Because it fulfills you. It enriches and enhances your life. It gives meaning, depth, and brilliance to the ordinary, transforming you and your life into extraordinary.” Soleira Green


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