Make Your Own Future

As we go into this weekend I want to encourage you to do one thing: sit down and make choices about your future.  I meet people every day who are waffling between different things, waiting until the money shows up, looking for that perfect sign, or just following the other lemmings. What so many people are missing out on is exactly how much power they have.   You have the power to do just about anything you want with your future.  Your partner and family members have some right to make recommendations since they’re supposed to be the people closest to you and care the most about you.  But when it comes down to it no one can make the ultimate choice for you, and you can’t make the choice for anyone else.

Start by being honest with yourself and those in your life.  If you’ve been forcing everyone else to fall in line and making decisions for them you’re making a mistake and drastically limiting their potential, probably making them dislike or even hate you for the interference.  If you’ve been letting anyone else direct your life like a puppet you know how that feels.

The next step is having big dreams.  It’s good to imagine what can be, to dream about what comes next and to want to do big things with your life.  Kids have it right with all their imaginative play and dreaming throughout their childhood.  As adults we forget those dreams, some are crushed by the intrusions of reality, but others are just forgotten because we’ve let life get in the way of living a really fulfilling life.  As we talked about last week with the 50 Shades of Gray movie, there’s so much more to life than most of us tap into.

The final step is being brave enough to stand up for your needs, your dreams, your gift that you have to give to the world and taking action to make it happen.  You have a right to decide what you do with your future, just like your kids have a right to choose what they do with their futures and your partner has a right to choose their future.  Work on supporting each other in your dreams and passions rather than fighting over them and belittling their passions.

What step will you take towards your future this weekend?

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”  Bob Marley

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