The Priority of Change

I talk about change a lot, and with good reason: it’s a powerful force in our lives whether we choose to admit and accept it or not. It’s something many of us choose to fight and resist, sometimes for good reasons, other times because of fear, laziness, apathy or a lack of understanding. I believe there are many reasons why people choose to change when/if they do, but the one I want to talk about today is something I’ve been working on for the past few months: priorities.

People change when their priorities change.  Think about when a baby comes into the family, many people choose to spend less time at work, spend less on themselves and spend more time doing family things. Or think about when someone is given really bad health news, people usually choose to live their last days full out, not plodding away at a job they hate or watching endless hours of TV.

I invite you to take a few minutes and look at your life as we begin this week: what are your priorities? Your priorities are the things that you plan other things around and spend lots of time on each week, or consistently spend time on. Your priorities help you make decisions and know what to choose when given several options. For example if your kids are a priority they’ll usually take precedence over other things that come up. Or if your health is a priority you’ll make time for exercise every day rain or shine.

What do you think of the things that are priorities in your life? Are you glad that they’re priorities or do you wish you could list other things as priorities in your life?

“People don’t change because of motivation, people change because of priorities.” Dr. Henry Cloud

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