A Passionate Business

As we close out this months’ talk of love I wanted to take time to talk about something that should be close to your heart, your business. Businesses are started for many reasons, sometimes for multiple reasons. Some start a business because they see a need and believe they can fill it, others start it for the money. Both of those are good reasons but I believe there’s an ingredient that neither of those two reasons have that is essential to being truly successful: having a passion and love for your business. You can make the business all about the numbers, you can focus on the market reach, you can talk about how many satisfied customers you have or how many new products have taken the world by storm.

But I believe that unless there’s a passion, a love for what you do not only will your success be empty, you’ll also risk blowing it all because you get tired of it and don’t have a reason to continue. Sure, some businesses can be created with the goal of selling it off when it reaches a certain point of success, and that’s not a bad thing; no one ever said that you had to run the same business for the rest of your life.

But when you’re looking at your business from a strictly numbers perspective you are limited to what you can reach and what’s feasible. But when you’re in business with love and passion, the possibilities are endless. Then there’s more to your business than just reaching your monthly goals, there’s more to it than counting customers for number’s sake, there’s more to it than having the most connections on social media. When there’s love and passion the business becomes an agent of change, a bringer of hope, a fulfiller of dreams and a freedom machine.

As we close out this month I encourage you to take time to consider what you love. Are you still in love with your business or do you need to make some changes to bring back the passion?

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