Employee Appreciation?

The first Friday of March each year is when business owners around the USA take the time to appreciate their employees. Employee recognition is something that should go on all year long, but too many businesses and leaders don’t realize or aren’t willing to see how blessed they are by the people they have working with them. They operate from the belief that their employees should be grateful they even have a job, abundantly thankful that they get to work with such an important company and that giving 200% is a given. They use days like these to make it look like they actually care and throw a few bones their employees’ way to pacify them for a time.

Now, I do believe that employees should be grateful to have a job and should give at least 100% while they’re working. But all too many companies do a really good job of making their employees miserable, and not wanting to give even a token attempt. Around the world there are horrible conditions in companies that not only threaten the sanity of workers but their physical health too. We’ve seen this in the building collapses and fires and breaches of chemicals or biological materials.

Many businesses have a long way to go in finding (or even attempting) the balance between empowering and caring for their employees and making money. Yes, work is work and does mean effort and time, and yes, there are some jobs that would fall under the “unpleasant” header just from what’s involved. But in respecting their employees as intelligent people, in taking precautions for their health, in being conscientious of their commitment and time, and in taking time to get to know them and their dreams, needs and career goals, businesses can go a long way to having employees who are willing to be part of the team and not just there to clock in and clock out, employees who are invested in the success of the business and happiness of its customers, and employees who don’t dream about the downfall of the company and its’ leaders but are excited about its future.

Without employees many businesses would not exist. If they are such a valuable resource isn’t it time that we sat down and worked out a better relationship than there currently is?

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