Girl Scout Success Strategy

March 12th is known as Girl Scout’s Day in honor of the Girl Scouts organization. They’re well known for their cookies and troops of girls who meet and learn about life, success and making a difference in the world. If you stick with the Girl Scouts program, much like the Boy Scouts program, each year comes with new challenges and opportunities for growth and development. The strategy behind the Girl Scouts program is one that business owners can learn from for their own businesses and their work with clients as well.

To have continued success businesses need goals to stay in motion. Talk with a biologist, doctor or transportation expert and they’ll tell you that things that are stationary and don’t move have a much shorter lifespan than those that are in motion. Lakes without a fresh source of water don’t stay healthy long, people who don’t move around are at risk for or develop all kinds of health problems, and when vehicles don’t move they can’t deliver their cargo or engines won’t start up. Business is the same way: if you don’t keep moving, if you don’t stay fresh, if you aren’t aware of trends that might benefit you and take advantage of them, the business won’t grow and probably will die.

Clients can benefit from the Girl Scouts strategy in several ways. First, when you see it as something to be completed, resolved or achieved over a period of time you’re not worrying about getting everything done and total success achieved in the next 30 days or some other really limited period of time. You can start a business, resolve some issues, make some sales or take big steps forward in the next 30 days, but you can’t do everything, nor should you. Give yourself and your clients the time to truly achieve success.

In line with the first point, the second benefit for clients is that there’s always more that can be done or could be tried to bring success. Success isn’t usually simple, it’s usually a multi-layered effort with lots of inputs, some seen and some not visible to the customer, and some failures too. Each day at least one person approaches me with a goal and I have to try to explain to them that there are steps before that goal that need to be taken before the goal can be realized. Some people are able to accept this, others aren’t.

Success can be accomplished if we take the time to write out our goals, make a plan for accomplishing those goals and understand that reaching those goals is not usually a here-then-there or a straight line win, but takes time, work and commitment to be accomplished.

“The Girl Scouts is an organization that constantly gives you new goals to achieve and that’s what life is all about.” Maria Bartiromo

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