The More You…

Sometimes success happens by surprise and pure luck, but more often than not what’s required for success to happen is action. This month we haven’t followed as closely to the theme as we usually do but in a way that’s because I was busy taking action, and I hope you were too. As we close out this month I did want to address a topic that’s very closely linked with success and action: the topic of more. We talk about success and having more and action and doing more. And it’s not incorrect to connect them, because often it is the case that we need more. You don’t shrink when you grow, you become bigger or there’s more of something.

Which is one reason why we’re always talking about learning more, changing more, doing more, connecting more, and yes, even failing more. Yes, it is about learning the right things, changing the right things, doing the right things, and meeting the right people, but it’s also about more in general, because the more you’re exposed to the better chance you have to be successful and get what you want.

Very few of us want less, most of us want more. But in order to get more, to become more you have to give up more. In letting go, in sacrificing, in making the hard decisions we open ourselves up to the potential for more. What are you opening yourself up for today? Are you so unprepared that you’ll never become successful, too prepared that you’re not able to work with the unexpected, or ready, willing and flexible for what comes today? Choose to be prepared for what you want in your future, but flexible enough to deal with the curve balls life throws.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss


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