Where are You Going?

We just celebrated Easter, and we’re in the middle of celebrating Passover, and we’re at the beginning of a new month.  Can you believe one quarter is already done in 2015?  April is known as the month of Easter and taxes, it’s a time of reflection and hope.  Taxes remind us what happened over the past year, things that were good, things that challenged us and things that will affect what we do in the future.  While Easter reminds us that we’ve got a future, whether because of spring and the promise of new life, or because of your spiritual beliefs.  Both looking to the past and looking to the future is important, as is living in the present.

When we talk about the past it gives us a chance to remember, to plan, and for some of us, to deal with our demons.  For just about all of us the past shapes our present and future, most of us can’t enter a hypothetical witness protection program and just drop everything that we used to be and like.   But if all we do is live in the past we’re missing out on the present.   We can certainly do things in the present to change the course we’re on so that our past doesn’t remain our present or become our future.  But as I said on the Life and Spirituality blog today, we have to make a conscious choice to create a new future by doing things different in the present.  When we’re given a second chance, a chance to do things differently, if we don’t take it we’re choosing to continue living our past rather than our future.

What ultimately matters in life is whether you’re able to look back on your life on your deathbed and know that while you made plenty of mistakes, you didn’t let the past hold you back, but rather moved on into the future day by day, knowing that better things were waiting.  No life is perfect, no one is able to say they’re 100% proud of every minute of every day, but when we’re invested in making today a better day and tomorrow a better reality for our future generations the past doesn’t matter as much, it’s the future that counts.

“It isn’t where you came from, its where you’re going that counts.” Ella Fitzgerald


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