Who Really Counts?

Today I want to address a really important topic: how successful you are vs. how successful you could be.  The secret lies in something we’ve talked about before, and yet I’m amazed by how many business owners and clients I talk with that don’t understand or refuse to accept just how important this secret is.  The secret, of course, is customers.

This week I was talking with a client after doing some work for them and was told that my work was inaccurate because they were a reseller, not someone who actually created what they sold.  They weren’t an Amazon or Walmart type business, they had a very specific niche and only sold a very specific type of products.  In their mind my marketing advice was only applicable to someone who actually made the products, not someone who was just reselling.  It brought up a couple points I want to highlight with you today.

First, reselling doesn’t change the product.  Just because Amazon sells tablets and computers, doesn’t make their items any different than those sold on the creating company’s website or in their store.  It’s the same exact item, just sold in a place that has access to lots more customers than most individual sellers do.

Second, who said that reselling was any less important than being the primary creator/seller?  We’ve already established that resellers are still selling the exact same product as the creators.  Just because you didn’t create something but you sell it doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in what you’re selling or believe that you have an important job of helping more people connect with what you sell.

Third, what really matters is the customer.  As a seller, whether the creator or a reseller, the only thing that matters is helping your customers.  While not all business owners operate to the standards that some do, I would never sell/resell or recommend anything or anyone I did not personally understand or have some experience with.  No, I may not be able to rebuild the car I drive, but I would recommend it based on the experience I’ve had with it.  I would not try to sell it or similar cars to someone else however since I don’t have the technical experience to talk shop and fully support the customer should they buy it.  If you can’t tell your potential customer about the benefits and drawbacks as well as answer their questions about it and support them in their use of the product, are you really offering a service to your customers?

Being in business only for the money is like being given a fish tank full of water without fish. It’s great, but without the fish it’s really lacking something.  Be involved in your business and what you sell, know it inside and out, and be able to support your customers fully.  You’ll get more positive reviews, recommendations and sales that way.

“I’m a fan of music, first and foremost. So I do things from the perspective of a fan.” Pharrell Williams

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