Proactive with Problems

This week I’ve talked with some unhappy people. People who should be happy, but like anyone else, things are stacking up against them and causing problem after problem. There’s the head accountant whose whole team doesn’t seem to know how to use a calculator some days. The kids’ play place with employees who don’t like kids. The restaurant not taking full advantage of its location and hiring people practically off the streets. Of course, those are all a little exaggerated, but the truth remains: you go just about anywhere or look at just about anything and you’ll find problems and things that are contributing to the lack of success in a business.

The truth is that in business there will always be something breaking, something going wrong, an issue of some kind, an employee you can’t stand or you’re just overwhelmed because it seems like everything is coming from you at all angles. Just about anyone can come in and pick apart the issues, from the employees to the appearance, to the marketing to what you sell. No one or company is perfect. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid some of these key issues.

First, hire and train well. Unless your potential hires and current employees are chosen wisely, understand your vision for the business and how you want customers treated, and are trained in selling your product/service, you’ll be wasting one of your greatest resources and potentially doing permanent damage to your business.

Second, make time each day and week for the important behind-the-scenes stuff. Don’t let the books get done only yearly, don’t avoid sending out invoices, don’t avoid knowing what your competition is doing, don’t procrastinate doing the marketing. While most of these aren’t seen by your customers, they affect how well you care for them.

Finally, don’t let the vision and mission of the business get run over or forgotten. A vision and/or mission not only helps potential customers differentiate between you and your competition, it also can help you be more memorable and get more sales. When your passion is shared with others and becomes their passion, you’re able to become much more than a business that sells stuff. You’re able to make an impact on the world.

What changes do you need to make in your business starting today to avoid or fix that which is hindering your success?


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