Love and Commitment

As I mentioned on Monday the past few weeks have been a study in priorities. I’ve made many conscious decisions over the past few years to really put my partner, and to some extent friends and family, at the top of my priority list. I don’t schedule client meetings during our very consistent date night, I move my schedule around to work with his much more regular one, and generally do everything I can to give us the most time possible together. Why? Because our relationship is important to me.

Last week however I made a mistake and as a result I missed out on some quality time we were planning on spending together, time we don’t usually get. It forced me to really take a good look at how I was really scheduling my life and if I really was prioritizing us, which includes me, or not. I wasn’t happy with my conclusions so I’ve made some changes, am going to bed a little earlier, am working on being more focused and consistent with doing my work during the time I do have and trying to be even more responsible; we’ve all got at least a little room for improvement, right?

What this really reminded me of was that relationships take work from all parties involved for them to be not only successful but happy as well. Love is great, we’ve got lots of that and make a point of applying love rather than judgment or tempers to our situations. We wouldn’t keep working on our relationship if we didn’t really love each other and weren’t interested in seeing what the future holds for us. But love won’t put me in the car for our date night, only my commitment to our alone time can do that.

What about you? Do you and your partner need a wake-up call? Or are you fully aware of what your priorities are and aren’t?

“Love can start a marriage, but a commitment is what kept it together.” Lauren Dane

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