The Success of No

It’s not easy to hear “no” from people when you’re trying to be successful in your own business. I know that it feels bad to hear people say “no” to you, after all, you sell something amazing and the whole world could benefit from what you sell. However, the latest estimate is that there are over 7 billion people. I can’t imagine how stressed out I would be if I were trying to serve 7 billion individual clients within my lifetime. But as I shared about on Monday and I’ve shared about in the past, we should say “no” to things because not everything is for us personally, not to mention the really big reasons that people don’t buy stuff like language, sex and location (I can’t use a menu written in Japanese (I speak English), book on prostate health (I’m a woman), or map of Sydney, Australia (I have no plans to visit Australia)).

So honestly, hearing people say “no” is one of the biggest gifts for us. Why? Because it allows us to focus on those we can actually help and are ready for what we’re selling. The better care we can give to our customers, the more likely they’ll find great value in what we offer and more likely they’ll recommend us to someone who will be an equally good match for us.

The other thing to remember is that someone’s initial no may be just because they don’t know, like and trust you yet. In today’s very crowded market place it takes longer to convert someone who is kind of interested to a client simply because of the huge number of marketing messages they receive each day. Rather than freaking out because your efforts aren’t immediately successful know that and plan for your success to be achieved over time. Don’t give up because you’re not a viral sensation and on every news site every day. Very few people are able to do that, and most are there for reasons that we would rather not be known for anyway.

So the next time someone says “no” to you thank them for being honest rather than becoming a miserable pain in your butt and let them know that you’d love to keep in touch with them in case they change their mind in the future. Don’t go for the touchdown on every play, just make forward progress.

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