Teaching What Matters

Money is great, it has made it much easier to accomplish things in the world. I don’t have to have what you want to trade for what you have that I want, I just have to pay your price so you can go buy what you want. It means things are changing hands only once instead of a dozen or more times to make a deal happen. However, I’ve learned through many experiences that money isn’t the end-all, be-all of life and living. Knowing I have a really large amount in my bank account won’t make me happy by itself, it’s only what I do with that money that could make me happy.

Parents today more than ever need to teach their kids good financial planning skills. With the ups and downs of the economy and job situations it’s not guaranteed to always have money or a job, so knowing how to save and grow your money is important. You can’t predict the future, you can only plan for it. What parents don’t need to teach their kids is that money is everything, but often that’s what it seems like they’re teaching them with the amount of time and talk they spend on money topics.

Today’s parents need to spend time teaching their kids how to be human and interact with other people. All too often we run into people who are nasty and rude. Maybe they’re having a bad day, we all have those. But there are people who are nasty or act entitled every time we meet them. It concerns me when I run into these people because I fear what they’re teaching their children. What they teach their children is the legacy they are creating. Their kids may not remember them as entitled and mean, but the rest of those who knew them will and if their children behave the same that is not only a strike for the kids, but a negative legacy the parents have created and will be criticized for.

I don’t know about you but I want the next generation to be proud of what we’ve created and who we helped them become. I want them to have a better world and more opportunities than we have had, and the only way for that to happen is if we teach them what matters. What are you teaching the next generation?

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