Family Choices

Life is all about choices. This month we’ll be talking about one of the biggest choices we make on a daily basis: our families. We’ll talk about some of the typical family topics like fun and kids, but we’ll also be taking time this month to talk about the deeper family challenges and choices too. I do believe that we each have 2 families we can be part of, we can be part of just one or both. Yes, I’m talking about biological families and families by choice. When we get married or become family close with people those are families by choice. Biological families are the ones that can be the most challenging, and those that we often choose to separate from.

But the choice isn’t just which type of family we’re part of, it’s also how much of a priority family is to us. We each have choices in how we spend our time and resources each day, and we typically think about family and money/career/success most. But a priority is actually what we spend most of our time, resources and effort on each day, not just what we think it should be or say it is. For most of us, family isn’t the priority we say it is. I’ve made a point throughout my relationship with my partner to really prioritize us time, because we do truly matter to me.

It’s not always easy to make family the priority we want it to be, it takes a lot of hard choices and sacrifices. But I believe it’s worth it, especially when your family members are giving as much as you are to the family. I encourage you this week to take time to figure out what your true priorities are.

“I don’t want to make that sound like I’m preaching from a mountain top when I say you have to give your family everything, because I know it’s hard for people. I’m lucky to be in a position where you can establish those ground rules and make it that way.” Tim McGraw


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