Yes for Success

Last week I shared about the empowering choice of saying no. Did you practice this week? I’d love to hear about what great things were able to happen because you were brave enough to say “no” to something else. I actually didn’t practice my “no” skills like I asked you to. I know, that sounds really bad since I’m not following my own advice. Of course I did say “no” last week to clients that weren’t an ideal fit, but that wasn’t what I focused on last week. Instead my week worked more around “yes”.

“Yes” can be just as scary as “no,” possibly even scarier. Why? Because when you say no you make the choice that something isn’t right for you or you don’t want your life to take you in that direction. But when you say yes the whole world could open up to you and you could stand to lose a lot. It can be really scary to take that step, especially if it’s in a new direction or takes your life or business a big step up. But if you want to truly be a success in your business it’s absolutely necessary to not only say “no” but also to say “yes.”

So how do you know when to say yes? I say yes when I feel it’s right in my gut (very scientific and professional I know). I say yes when I’ve done the research and asked the questions to know it’s going to be a good opportunity for me. And I say yes when I’m not sure that my gut says yes and I’m not sure with the research and questions but I’ve talked it over with my partner or a trusted friend who can give me an outside perspective. Very rarely I’ll say yes going into something blind. Usually that happens when I know the person I’m getting involved with because they’ve earned my trust in the past or their reputation precedes them.

So, yes, this week I encourage you to take a big, bold step and say YES once each day. Say yes to clients, yes to your partner and yes to your kids and see what opens up in your life!


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