The Choice of Children

I believe that choosing to have a child is one of the biggest and most important choices we have to make in our lives. Most of us are born with the ability to create the next generation, and modern medicine has increased those odds dramatically. Some fall into it accidentally, some try for years, some are forced into it (by society or evil people), and some seem to get pregnant anytime they want. But there’s a small number of people who are never able to physically have children, or choose to not have children.

Some people can’t understand choosing to not have children, but I believe that those people deserve a round of applause. Why? Because they understand that while they may be fully capable of having children, they know it’s not right for them. It’s a tough decision in this world of celebrity babies and kids practically everywhere you go, not to mention criticism from family and friends who think everyone should have at least one child. If this is you I want you to be encouraged today and know that I am proud of you for standing up not only for yourself but the child you choose not to have.

Why do I think this is so important? Because I know there are countless children and adults around the world, who are having or had miserable childhoods because their parent(s) thought they “had” to have children. When you choose to have a child it’s not just a decision you make for yourself, you make it for the child you have as well.

Having a child is a gift, and if you can’t see it for the blessing that it is, despite any and all challenges that will happen, then I hope you’ll reconsider the pain and unhappiness that you’ll cause any child you would have.

“Being a housewife and a mother is the biggest job in the world, but if it doesn’t interest you, don’t do it – I would have made a terrible mother.”  Katharine Hepburn

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