Choosing the Adventure of Life

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the USA. It’s a day we spend thinking about and honoring our mothers and mothers everywhere. For some of us it’s a tough day because we didn’t have a good mother figure in our lives, we’ve struggled to become a mother ourselves, or we’ve recently lost our mother. So as awesome as it is to have a day to reflect on moms it can be painful too. But all that talk of moms last week and yesterday got me thinking about living in general and the choices we make in our lives.

Essentially you’re either alive or dead. It’s really that simple. Either you are alive and able to participate in the world or you aren’t. I read a really interesting article by Tim Ferriss last week about his journey and struggle with suicide (I recommend reading it whether you’ve struggled with suicide or not). I don’t know that anyone has lived that hasn’t had even a distant or passing thought about just being done with life and ending it all at some point in time during their life. Maybe it wasn’t seriously entertained, but that’s not to say that the thought wasn’t there.

I also heard a song this week by Frankie Ballard with lyrics that are as follows: “I wanna sit out on the porch/Telling stories ’bout my glory days when I’m pushing eighty./How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise/If I ain’t ever young and crazy?”  Yes, it can be scary to get older, it can be worrisome to watch your kids go away and live their own lives, it can be intimidating to see the company you built change and develop into something else. But life isn’t about worrying or regretting or reliving the past. Life is about living the adventure the whole way through, and being able to look back and be proud of what you did do or who you were.

“I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead. So I’ll take getting older.” George Clooney


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