The Foundation of Success

There’s an old story that I often reflect on when working with businesses. It’s a parable about a house built on the sand and one built on the rocks. When the storm comes the one on the sand gets washed away, and the one on the rocks stands the test of time. This principle applies to so many areas of life and our businesses too, which is what we’re going to talk about today. The principle is the concept of foundation. What is foundation? Foundation is the essence of what you’re working with, it’s the base that you come back to time and again, and it’s what determines if you have the potential to succeed or fail. Let’s talk about a couple different aspects of foundation and how they apply to your business and success.

All businesses begin with a concept. That concept becomes a product or service depending on how you want to develop it and present it to the world. Sometimes the concept is great, other times it needs fleshing out, and sometimes it’s just a scam or waste of resources to develop. When the concept is great you’ve got a great foundation to build your business and success on. When the concept needs fleshing out it’s best to do that before trying to bring it to market because you’ll end up confusing rather than satisfying potential customers. And when the concept is a scam, not helpful or not relevant there’s no amount of marketing that will fix the fact that your concept is a waste of people’s time.

Social media is something that most of us spend time on each week, and an area of marketing that is a hotly debated topic. We’re trying to market our businesses and beat the algorithms. I get questions all the time about doing all these tricky things or doing ads to be done on a page of unprofessional and irrelevant content and a bunch clearly of spamy practices. Social media first and foremost is about being social. That means that you need to post relevant content and interact with the content others are posting. If you’re not doing this you won’t have a foundation to build ads and sales from. People don’t like being directed to a page with no content and no reason to “like” the page or a sole focus on making money.

So where does that bring us? It brings us to two important parts. First, know that your foundation is essential. If you don’t have a good foundation you’re starting with, the rest of your work will be mostly wasted time. Second, what you do with your foundation matters too. If you have a website with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes on it people won’t buy. If you spam them on social media they’ll ignore you. If you do all these scamy promotion techniques people will report you. So no matter that your foundation was great, how you present the foundation matters a lot.

Take a look this week at both your foundation and how you’re selling it and see if/what changes need to be made to make you into a stronger and more successful business.

“It’s possible for me to make a bad movie out of a good script, but I can’t make a good movie from a bad script.”
George Clooney

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